About the Coupon Chili Website

Hello and welcome to Coupon Chili!  We aim to list and publish the latest and most up to date valid coupon codes, voucher codes, and discount deals available anywhere online.  Everything that we list on our pages we deem to be “red hot” – just like the chili that we took inspiration from for our name and branding.

We Check the Deals Personally

Unlike other websites, we have personally checked each and every coupon and promo code that is listed on Coupon Chili – if we find that a code does not work or is invalid we will immediately remove it and look to replace it with an even better offer – that’s our commitment to you and one which we take very seriously.

We Can Offer Special Discount Codes

The reason that we are able to offer discount offers that are so often much better than competing coupon websites is because we have a very special relationship with many of the suppliers and retailers who are included on the website.  We have built up some unique agreements with many of them over the years meaning we are very often given one-off voucher codes and deals that you will not find anywhere else.

You Can Publish Your Own Coupons

You can even get involved yourself as we have a great feature which lets you share a coupon code with other visitors to the website.  If you find a great code or deal online then use our sharing page – once you submit the code we will check it and then publish it.  Please also use this feature if you are an online retailer who wants to offer the Coupon Chili customers your latest vouchers.

Please Share the Offers With Your Friends

If you do find the Coupon Chili website useful then please don’t hesitate to share the coupons with your friends via the social media links that you will see prominently displayed on each page… after all, why keep these red hot deals and discounts to yourself when your friends and family can benefit too?

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