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Whilst this isn’t strictly a coupon code subject, I could not resist writing about the 1980s vintage AT-AT Walker which has to be one of the best Star Wars Toys from that decade.  I never had one myself but aspired to own one – however I do remember once trying to trade in my brother’s decrepit Millennium Falcon plus the Greedo figure in for my neighbor’s AT-AT Walker. 

AT AT Walker

Great photo of the vintage Star Wars’ AT AT Walker from the 1980s.

My neighbor wasn’t budging on the deal, so to this day I still long to own one of these awesome 1980’s Star Wars collectibles.

The Vintage Star Wars AT-AT Walker

The reason I can get away with including it on Coupon Chili website is because you had to put AA batteries inside it to operate the side cannons, which would light up and move – so there you go, a tenuous link to technology and the Dell Coupons that we list, but a link nonetheless.

So what was so cool about the AT-AT Walker?  Well firstly it was involved in one of my favourite scenes from the Empire Strikes Back when the Empire discover the Rebel Base on Planet Hoth – and the invasion is led by a pack of Imperial AT-AT Walkers.  You can see the scenes in this Youtube video below.

The AT-AT Walker Attack on Planet Hoth

The Imperial AT-AT Walkers are first seen coming through the snow by the Rebel Trooper through his digital binoculars shortly before being subjected to an awesome assault by the AT-AT pack. 

Original Packaging

Original Packaging of the AT AT Walker – slightly faded and damaged!

As you probably know the AT-AT Walkers were defeated in the end in a scene where Luke Skywalker flies a Rebel Snowspeeder and manages to loop a cable round the legs of one AT-AT of them and brings it to its knees.

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

I was only four when the film came out so don’t have too many memories of the cinema release, but do remember watching the movie on VHS when I was about 6 – which is when my unrequited love affair with this Star Wars toy started. 

An Original AT AT Walker

An Original AT AT Walker from the Empire Strikes Back toy range

Around that time there were Hasbro and Kenner TV ad commercials running constantly for Star Wars Figures and whilst I can’t remember seeing a TV ad for the AT AT Walker, it was top of my Christmas list – although as you know, I never got one!

One TV ad I do remember being constantly on TV was a couple of years later when Return of the Jedi came out.  The one below was for the Speeder Bikes from the Battle of Endor scenes – unlike the AT-AT Walker toy, I did actually manage to get a Speeder Bike that Christmas.

Return of the Jedi Speeder Bike TV Commercial

Features of the Imperial AT-AT Walker Toy

One of the great things about this Star Wars action toy was the fact that it was huge.  It stands about two foot tall if I remember correctly and you could jam a load of Star Wars figures into its belly via a side-door. 

Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing of the AT-AT Walker in it’s full glory

The head of the AT-AT had room for two Star Wars figures, and was meant to be driven by two AT-AT drivers, although my mate used to have Darth Vader at the controls – which was much more fun.

As I mentioned earlier this beast had some extra special effects include the side gun turrets that actually made a noise when fired – which were powered by a couple of batteries.  The legs moved too, although it was quite unstable if memory serves me correct and didn’t stand up too well. 

Brilliant Star Wars Toy

A Truly Brilliant Star Wars Toy

Buy Vintage Star Wars AT-AT Walkers

I am currently thinking about buying an AT-AT Walker on eBay.  Prices for an original fully-boxed version start at just over $190 US Dollars, which now I am in my thirties doesn’t sound too bad for a bit of nostalgia.

I think it would look awesome, but then my other half might not be so keen on a dog-eared Star Wars toy being on display in the living room – so I think for now my ownership of an AT-AT is still a dream.

There’s actually a fantastic page on Wikipedia all about the AT-AT Walker if you want to know more about the design and history behind this toy.

Buy Cheap AT AT Walker Toys and Merchandise on Amazon

Amazon have a great range of Star Wars AT AT Walker toys and merchandise available to buy – some are cheap AT AT Walker toys, and some a little bit more expensive.  Whichever you choose, they do make for a great piece of Star Wars nostalgia for either little kids or grown-ups who just want to relive their youth!  Some of my favorite items can be seen on Amazon below.