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Best Buy Military Discount Coupon Codes

Are you serving in the military or are you a US veteran?  Would you like to know “does best buy give military discounts?” – Everything you need to know about whether you can get Best Buy military discount is listed below as occasionally there are promotions available for when Best Buy offers military discount, however, as a general rule there are no real great price reductions to be found online for those already in service, or veterans.  When military discounts do become available they should be listed on the Best Buy website.  If you click the link below that will take you to the latest discounted products, and if applicable they will be listed as being available for military discount prices.

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Does Best Buy Offer Military Discount Online?

As already stated, it’s not always easy to find this out, but people we’ve spoken to at Best Buy say that this should be coming soon – so click the link above to see if the deals and discounts have been activated yet.  If they have, then they will be listed inside the featured offers section.  Please note that Coupon Chili also has a Best Buy coupons page which lists a load of alternative discounts and deals which can be redeemed when you are in the military or civilian life.

When military discount coupon codes become available and public we will also list them on the coupons page so you can get the best deals and discounts, whether you are serving in the army, navy, or air force – plus of course, for veterans.

Free Shipping to APO and FPO Addresses

Almost any product available to purchase from can be shipped with free shipping to an APO or FPO postal address whilst serving abroad.  There are a few instances where you will need to pay for shipping though, on just a small selection of items including GPS, cell phones and smart phones, radio, and FM transmitters – everything else will be covered by free postage and packing. 

When shopping online and trying to use your Best Buy military discount, you might get through to the shopping cart and find that the APO or FPO address does not validate.  On some rare occasions it is not possible to ship to these addresses.  If that’s the case with your order, you will get a message appearing in your shopping cart.  There are a few ways in which you can help to make sure that this doesn’t happen, as sometimes it is due to bad incorrect formatting of APO and FPO addresses during check-out – here are some guidelines to help make sure you enter your address correctly to maximize the chances of receiving a military discount at 

Best Buy Military Discount - Address Formatting

To get a military discount make sure you format your address correctly

Supporting Veterans Charity

Best Buy is supporting veterans and has a campaign aimed at helping military veterans get hired.  For each limited edition set of camouflage Monster DNA headphones that get sold on the site, 10% of the sale price goes to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Charity.  You can purchase the headphones on this link – and see a picture of them below.

Best Buy Camo Headphones

Buy these headphones and 10% goes to a military charity

Coupon Chili & Military Discounts

Coupon Chili fully support the country’s armed forces, and will be adding a dedicated section to our website over the coming months which will enable those serving to find the best deals available from the web’s leading online retailers.