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Dell XPS Coupon

Dell XPS CouponDell XPS laptops are designed to an extremely high standard and are renowned for their high performance specifications.  Dell’s own advertising states them to be “crafted without compromise” and they promised to let you “enjoy music, movies, and more”.  The XPS stands for Xtreme Performance System” and they are designed for those that need a laptop that delivers on speed and capability (perfect for gamers and those that do high capacity computing work).  Valid Dell XPS coupons are currently listed on the official Dell store.  You can view those all on the link below and choose a deal to suit you.  At the time of writing this blog post, there was a Dell XPS laptop coupon available that was saving the end consumer between $300 and $400 dollars when purchasing online and direct.

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If you decide to buy, then the best Dell XPS deals are available now – and you can use the link above to browse the latest bargains.  If you have already decided what you want to buy and simply want to search for Dell XPS coupon code and deals then click that link to get started.  If you don’t know which model you should choose then read our guide to this family of high performance laptops below.

Dell XPS 13 (Coupon) Ultrabook

This great Dell laptop deal was voted the best Ultrabook by PCWorld (check the full review here) and has gone on to win 32 awards in the technology and consumer review market since it was launched.  With prices starting at $999.99 it comes with a high price tag, despite being the cheapest Dell XPS model in the range.  It’s a slim line model that has a 13 inch display and lets you view video and multi-media in full HD high definition.  On the Dell website it has a superb customer review rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 – so certainly ranks up there with the best of the Dell XPS deals.    Scroll back up the page, click the link, and start to look for a Dell XPS 13 Coupon that you can use today when buying an affordable laptop this year.

Dell XPS 13 Coupon

The Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook combines stunning design with superb functionality

For those that want additional details on this model, then continue reading: The XPS 13 comes with Windows 8 as standard, and looks simply stunning due to the Bonded Corning Gorilla Glass and sculpted aluminum carbon fiber materials.  It’s a slim-line laptop measuring just 6 mm thick at the thinnest point, with the thickest elements still being very thin – 18 mm to be precise!  The keyboard has been designed for comfort and you will also benefit from a sleek gesture-enabled glass touch pad.

In terms of display, it is 75% brighter than standard laptops, which make viewing movies and games a stunning visual experience.  The pixels are sharp, and the screen can be viewed from a 178 degree angle meaning more than one person can enjoy the content on display when using this laptop.  Use a Dell XPS laptop coupon for the 13 model and start shopping now.

Dell XPS 14 (Coupon) Ultrabook

Looking for a Dell XPS 14 coupon?  If you are then no need to read our review of the XPS 14 Ultrabook, but for those new to this laptop, read on to find out more.  Dell says that the XPS 14 is designed for premium experience with an exceptionally long battery life.  This model starts at the same price as the XPS 13 at $999.99, but can of course become cheaper should you decide to use a Dell XPS 14 coupon code using the link at the top of this page.  If you want long-lasting performance then this could be the best laptop to suit you.  It’s thin, has a great battery life, and uses a third generation Intel Core processor.  Ultimately this means it’s a great laptop deal for those users that will be on the road due to the slim design, lightweight manufacturing, and longer battery life.

Dell XPS 14 Coupon

XPS 13 comes with a long battery life and slim line design

Unfortunately, the Dell XPS 14 does not rank as highly as the 13 model in the user reviews, with a lower score of 3.2 out of 5, but that shouldn’t stop you considering it as a purchase this year.  It’s less than one inch thick, comes in aluminum, and has a silicone base and a back lit keyboard to help you work in dim lit conditions.

Dell XPS 12 (Coupon) Ultrabook

As Dell says, this model combines the power of an Ultrabook with the fun and ease of a tablet. Could it be competition for an Apple iPad – let’s take a closer look.  Firstly, this is an ideal Dell laptop deal for someone who wants a multi-purpose laptop that will let them work and play.  It scores a solid 4 out of 5 stars based on Dell customer reviews, but does come in more expensive than the 13 and 14 models – which is why we recommend that you use a Dell XPS 12 coupon if you are going to purchase this model from

Dell XPS 12 Coupon

Is the XPS 12 a laptop or a tablet? In fact it’s both

It has a flexible design which lets you flip between using it in tablet mode, or switch to a more traditional laptop style.  This is all down to the innovative flip-hinge design which you can see in the images on this page which lets it function as a convertible touch screen Ultrabook from Dell.  It runs on Windows 8, and lets you work with the latest apps via touch screen, but without losing the keyboard functionality you desire from a standard laptop design.

Dell XPS 15 (Coupon)

And now the daddy of all XPS models – the awesome XPS 15.  This will become your powerhouse with incredible performance and a crisp full HD display, all housed in a convenient design.   Before you buy, check for Dell XPS 15 coupons using the link at the top of this page which can be found on the official web store.  But what do you get for your money?  Read on to find out with our short review.

Dell XPS 15 Coupon

The Dell XPS 15 Ultrabook is great for video and graphics

Prices start at the highest in this range, so expect to pay from $1299.99 (or cheaper if you have a valid Dell XPS coupon).  For creative types, you can create, edit, and play your own music and movies on the 15 inch display which comes in full HD high definition and offers superb high performance graphics.  It scores 3.4 out of 5 by other Dell customer reviews, but we personally think it should be more of a 4 star rating.  Again, like the other models it is built with aluminum bonded Corning Gorilla Glass and a silicone base and is less than 1 inch thick making it very portable.

The display lets you benefit from extremely crisp and bold image or video playback, which is all served up on a 15.6 inch full HD 1080p screen.  This also includes 350-nit brightness which tests show to be up to 75% brighter than the usual laptop displays that you will come across.  Use a valid Dell XPS 15 coupon code today and purchase this direct from Dell – we highly recommend this model.

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