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WSJ Weekend Edition Discount

If you are looking to subscribe to the WSJ Weekend Only Edition then please take advantage of the Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition Subscription Discounts that we have on offer courtesy of Coupon Chili.  We have the cheapest best price deals and discount rates.  Using the links and banners you see below, it’s possible to get a massive half price subscription (50% off the newsstand price).   

Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition Discount

Our half price WSJ Weekend Only subscription discount will cost you just one dollar a week and you will get the paper sent straight to your door.  That’s right… for just $1 a week you can subscribe to a discounted WSJ Weekend Only subscription.

Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition Discount

Get the best price deals: If you decide to subscribe today to the WSJ Weekend Subscription using the deals and links on this page then you can expect to benefit from the following:

  • Pay only $1 weekly
  • Meaning you get 52 editions for just over fifty dollars a year
  • This saves you half price and 50% off if you were to buy in person

Reasons to Get a Wall Street Journal Weekend Subscription

The WSJ Weekend Only Edition has been in publication since 2005 and differs somewhat to the standard Wall Street Journal that gets printed on weekdays.  WSJ Weekend Subscription is in full color, there’s no black and white content on Saturdays and Sundays.  It’s quite different to the daily paper as well, because instead of a heavy focus on business and finance, the Weekend version like  to concentrate on more relaxing matters such as sport, culture, literature, music, travel, film, and health. 

What’s Inside Once You Pay the Discount Rate?

Opening up the Wall Street Journal Subscription Weekend Edition Only you will find a number of different sections.  In every single edition you will get the following sections to read at your leisure.

  • Health & Family
  • The Sports News, Views and Opinion
  • Personal Journal
  • Cooking & Kitchen
  • Culture
  • Books & Literature
  • Gadgets & Technology Reviews
  • Vacations & Travel News
  • Reviews of Films and Music
  • Property & Real Estate
  • Shopping & Fashion

How to Get a Discount on the WSJ Weekend Subscription?

Firstly you will need to click on this link here.  This will activate the half price offer on the Wall Street Journal Weekend Only subscription.  A new web page will open in a new window where you will see a sign-up form.  At this point you will need to enter in your personal details including home and email address.  Payment information will be taken over a secure web page as you will have to input your credit card details. Don’t worry – everything is 100% secure and your details will be stored safely. 

Once you done that, you just click on submit and your first delivery of the Weekend edition will be delivered within the next 2 weeks.  If at any point you wish to cancel, that’s easy too.  You can either do this via email, or over the telephone on the official WSJ website

WSJ Weekend Only Review

Want to know what people are saying about this subscription discount?  We spoke to one of regular customers who took advantage of this deal and asked them to give us a review of the Wall Street Journal Weekend subscription.  Tim Major-Collins had the following say:

Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition Subscription Discount: Tim Major-CollinsI would recommend the WSJ Weekend Only Edition to anybody who wants to take a break at the weekend away from their busy Monday to Friday lives.  What I love about it is that it has a section inside for the whole family including my wife.  I can keep up with what’s going on in media and can read it in my own time.  Just like the weekday paper, the editorial is written in a balanced and independent style.  For just a dollar a week you can’t really go wrong so thanks to Coupon Chili for giving me a great discount rate – I will definitely be re-subscribing once my current subscription ends at the end of year.

We just wanted to add ourselves, that due to the wide range of non-news based content in the paper such as fashion, film, media, and cooking, the WSJ Weekend Subscription really does a wide appeal for the whole family. 

How Can We Offer These Deals & Discount Rates

At Coupon Chili, we are official affiliate partners with the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones company.  This means they can give us the best rates on the Wall Street Journal Weekend Only Edition so our customers and web visitors can take advantage of the cheapest discounts – in fact, we have the cheapest prices anywhere online – that’s how competitive we are!  Click the banner at the top of the page now for your very own exclusive Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition Subscription Discount.