Windows Azure Promo Code 2016 & Free Trial

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Windows Azure Promo Code

If you are thinking about signing-up to Windows Azure for free then make sure that you take advantage of the Windows Azure promo code discounts that are on offer.  Free Windows Azure can be accessed below where you can also enter in a Windows Azure pass promo code to get you going.  If you want to get started then click the link below.

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Why Use a Windows Azure Promo Code?

Free Windows Azure is possible, and will let you run up to ten different websites for free in a multi-tenant environment. Should you want more functionality and a dedicated account then there are pay as you go offers, six month deals, twelve month deals, as well as various support options.  By using a Windows Azure pass promo code you can expect to make some savings – with the best option being the free Windows Azure trial which you can access on the link above.

Use a Windows Azure Promo Code

What is Windows Azure?

If you are looking an easy to manage cloud platform which will let you easily and rapidly build applications via a network of Microsoft data centers, then Microsoft Azure should be your number one choice.  It’s possible to develop applications using multiple languages, tools and frameworks and even lets you build your own cloud apps in, regardless of what environment you are working in.

With an almost 100% uptime, Windows Azure will be your reliable choice when it comes to hosting applications.  You can even develop and upgrade an application with no fear of downtime due to the SLA from Microsoft that comes with Azure.  This is achieved by reliable load balancing methods, and hardware that’s built to not fail.  Essentially, Windows Azure will always remain on.

Watch the video below to find out more – this is an official video from the developers of Azure.

One of the benefits to using Windows and Microsoft Azure is the fact that you can use any tool, framework, or language when developing applications.  All services and features are exposed via REST protocols.  In addition to that, you can take advantage of the Windows Azure client libraries which are available as open source (all hosted on GitHub).

You will also benefit from unlimited storage amounts backed up by unlimited servers and server space.  This lets you build your applications as large as you want to suit your needs.  It is a self-service platform that lets you allocate resources rapidly and swiftly.  Depending on what you need to develop your applications, you scale up or down the amount of resources you need and you only pay for what you use.  Because Windows Azure can be accessed globally via datacenters located in different countries, it’s possible for you to run your applications near to your clients.

Windows Azure truly is a flexible cloud platform that will work for any application due to the powerful capabilities that help you to store your data using SQL databases and many other different data sources.  No matter where you are in the World, Windows Azure gives you impressive application performance due to the distributed cache functionality and CDN services.

By using a Windows Azure promo code you can get started with a free trial today.  If you don’t like the tools then you can cancel during this period, or alternatively sign up to one of the different available plans which can be viewed on the official Windows Azure website.