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McAfee Coupon Codes - May 2015

McAfee is quite simply the best supplier of anti-virus and computer security products. Popular software includes McAfee All Access, LiveSafe, Security Center, and Total Protection. Below you can find valid and up to date McAfee promo codes and promotional offers which have all been tested this week. Save money now and get huge discounts on all the products with these handy coupons and promotional deals.

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McAfee Promo Code – 50% Off The Whole Product Range

Currently it’s possible to get huge discounts at McAfee with a promotion of 50% off their latest Internet Security products. These promo codes don’t require you copying and pasting any complicated codes in – instead all you need to do is activate the promotion and head straight to the store where you will have the McAfee promo activated for you automatically...

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Promo Codes for McAfee 2015 – Click for Discount

Tired of finding promotions that don’t work? Our promo codes for McAfee cut straight to the chase and will directly link you straight into a page where you can save the most money when shopping online.  You can save money on the full range including LiveSafe, All Access, Total Protection, Internet Security, AntiVirus Plus and many more for Mac and PC users....

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McAfee Security Center Promo Code – Choose Your Discount Product to Save

The Security Center is the graphical user interface that McAfee anti-virus products come with when they are pre-bundled with a PC or Mac.  If you have this product on your computer and now need to upgrade and update it then our advice is that you head on over to their store and actually select from one of the latest products on offer.  Recommended software would be LiveSafe and Total Protection as these are the best value for money in our opinion and currently come with a 50% discount if you use the promotions seen on this Coupon Chili page....

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McAfee Total Protection Promo Code 2015 – Half Price Deal Promotion

We only publish the best for users searching for McAfee Coupon Code 2015 offers and deals… and the Total Protection product really is no different. If you want complete protection and peace of mind with your anti-virus software that look no further than this deal.  At the moment we can give you a huge half price discount so you can get McAfee Total Protection at the lowest online price possible....

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McAfee Internet Security Promo Code 2015 – Save 50%

Free yourself from the worry and hassle of Trojan horses, spyware, malware, hackers, and viruses with the Internet Security product. As far as coupon codes go, there is no need to use one.  All you do is click to activate the promotion and you will see the best deal and discount possible on this software.  If you decide to buy then you can take advantage of constant PC and Mac scanning for new viruses, which are all compared against an up to date database of known and emerging threats.  Also protect yourself against spam and unwanted emails with easy to configure spam filters, parental controls, and unique privacy options that you set up to your preferences.  ...

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Mcafee AntiVirus Plus Promo Code 2015 – Biggest Saving

The AntiVirus Plus product is part of the all new McAfee 2015 line-up and promises to offer a far higher level of protection than has ever seen before from the range. Today we can offer you a half price discount which you will not be eligible unless you use our discount link above.  So get clicking to get started and save the most money now on AntiVirus Plus with this promo....

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McAfee All Access Promo Code 2015 – Huge Saving Available

All Access is the beast of all McAfee products. It comes with unlimited licenses, fully comprehensive security that won’t be beaten anywhere else, and award-winning computer protection.  And the best thing about it is that Coupon Chili can let you get for 50% off discount with this half price offer.  Click to get started so that you can protect your PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets, and all electronic devices that you use with a web connection.  It also has an amazing password management feature, comes with free expert support and so much more.  ...

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McAfee LiveSafe Promo Code 2015 – You Get it Half Price

No need again to enter any fiddly coupon codes as the McAfee promotional code is automatically activated when you click the link above – meaning you get sent straight into the cheapest online deals for the LiveSafe product – so click the promo code button to get started today....


McAfee Store Review

The McAfee website is very easy to use – just like their Internet security products in fact.  As one of the world’s leading supplier of anti-virus software, McAfee offer the “ultimate protection for your data and identity on all your devices” as well as being superb “protection for PC and Mac” computers. 

When you first land on their homepage you will be presented with a range of different options relating to different security products.  Depending on what your hardware and software set-up you will have to choose from a variety of different options.  For example, at time of writing the Coupon Chili staff were running on PC platforms and didn’t feel that we had adequate protection from all the latest viruses that were being released on a daily basis. 

We Chose McAfee LiveSafe (Promo Code Available)

That meant that we personally looked to purchase the Security Center and LiveSafe products – and of course we used one of the superb value for money McAfee promo code deals that can be seen above to get our product downloaded to our PCs.


Once installed it was incredibly easy to use, had lots of settings, none of which were too hard to get our heads around, and it gave us immediate peace of mind about being protected from Trojan Horses, viruses, and any other nasties out on the Internet trying to take over or compromise our computing security.

Overall, we love McAfee.  Their products are fantastic and easy to use, and the online store is extremely user friendly – and when coupled with one of our promo code for McAfee promotions, you can make a real saving this year.  Want to know how to use a McAfee promo codes?  Then read our guide below:

How to Use a McAfee Promo Code and Coupon Code

  1. Visit the homepage
  2. Select the anti-virus product to suit you
  3. Click the red “buy now” button
  4. Insert your promo code for McAfee into the small box (see image below)
  5. Click on the “apply” button and then check out securely
McAfee Promo Code

How we saved money on All Access and LiveSafe with our promo coupon codes.

And that's really how easy it is.  It's possible to make some huge savings and discounts on this store if you use the Coupon Chili discounts seen above so what are you waiting for - crack on and save some money today!

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