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RingCentral Fax Review

RingCentral Fax is one of the best Internet fax services currently available on the market.  If you are considering signing up to this email fax solution then ignore any of the alternative RingCentral Fax reviews that you might find online.  Below is the most comprehensive and independent review of the product – we have actually used and assessed RingCentral fax as part of our online fax reviews section.  You can be assured that everything you read below has been configured and fully tested by the Coupon Chili team.  Keep scrolling down through our RingCentral Fax review to see an overview, benefits to using the software, followed by an in-depth report of how each aspect of this Internet fax service works – and then the pros and cons at the bottom of the review.

Free Trial of RingCentral Fax

Overview of Features

RingCentral Fax comes with many features.  Listed below are the most useful features which should help you to make your mind and decide whether it is value for money.

  • Toll Free and Local Fax Numbers Available
    When signing up with an account you can choose the best numbers to suit you, and even keep any existing fax numbers that you already have.  No extra telephone line required.
  • Send and Receive Faxes Thru Email
    Keep an eye on your email inbox as this is where incoming faxes will appear.  You can also get fax sent receipts sent directly to your inbox (for example with Microsoft Outlook).
  • Send Faxes Using 4 Easy Methods
    You can send a fax over the Internet via email, Fax Controller, using the online login, or straight from a Microsoft document with one or two clicks.
  • Be Secure with Encrypted Web Sending
    All faxes sent via RingCentral are sent over an encrypted connection meaning they will not be intercepted.  You can also password protect for additional security.
  • Electronically Sign Your Faxes
    Add a digital signature to your faxes, edit the cover sheets, annotate, preview and print – the options for customization are very in-depth.
  • Get Notified With Instant Fax Alerts
    You will never miss out on faxes due to email alerts or even SMS text alerts sent straight to your phone whilst on the move.  Helps you run your business communications remotely.
  • Manage Your Faxes Online
    Check out the status of your faxes using the online management tool.  You can view, edit, sort, search, and do much more as long as you have a web connection.

RingCentral Fax Review  - See how easy it is to use with these top-line benefits

See how easy it is to use with these top-line benefits

Who Should Use RingCentral Fax?

First up, is RingCentral Fax worth the money and who is it best suited for?  If you want an effective and cheap Internet fax solution then RingCentral Fax should fit the bill.  It removes the need for expensive fax machines, lets you send and receive fax whilst on the move (even on your iPhone or Smartphone) and remove the need for paying for paper and ink cartridges so has a positive environmental effect also.

RingCentral Fax Free Trial and Pricing Options

In terms of pricing models, there are a number of different tiered options.  As of the time of writing this review of RingCentral Fax, the different prices available can be seen below – you can click on these now to get a discount on your purchase.

Pricing Options

Click and choose the best package to suit you including a free trial

As you can see, it’s possible to opt for a RingCentral Fax free trial on all the different purchase options.  For our review we chose the first option – you will need to choose the package you think will best suit you as the only difference is the volume of free faxes that you can send each month before additional charges kick in.  On the 500 free pages package, each additional fax costs 5.9 cents, but you can get them as low as 3.9 cents on the Fax 2500 option.  RingCentral Fax compares very favorably when compared to other solutions as the amount of free faxes available each month tend to be higher.

RingCentral Fax Review – Independent and Comprehensive

When you select the package you want the first thing you do is select a toll free number that you want.  It’s best to try to find one that is memorable for you.

At the checkout phase of the process you enter in your company details, and you will see an option to enter in a RingCentral referral code.  By entering in a coupon code you can get money off your purchase, a discount, or another form of saving.  If you want to know more about RingCentral referral codes then check out this overview we have put together – click here for RingCentral referral codes.

Once you have completed your purchase you will get an email telling you all about RingCentral Fax, login details for your online internet fax access, and also a link to online tutorials should you need them.  So not it’s time to get started – read on as we go into more detail in our RingCentral Fax review about what you can expect from this email and online fax service.

Activating RingCentral Fax

In your welcome email you will get an activation link.  Once clicked this downloads the RingCentral Call Controller application to your desktop.  This is the software that lets you manage faxes – you can also use a web login to manage your faxes too with the RingCentral FaxOut option.  In fact, there are four different ways in which you can send and receive faxes:

  1. RingCentral Call Controller – Desktop Software Application
  2. Send Faxes By Email – For Example Using Outlook
  3. RingCentral FaxOut – Access and Manages Faxes from Anywhere Online
  4. Send Faxes from a Microsoft Package – Adds a RingCentral Icon to Word

In our review we are going to focus on the Call Controller application first though and then look at the remaining options.

RingCentral Fax – Call Controller Application

Call Controller is the desktop application that lets you manage all of your Internet fax communications.  We downloaded the application and got started straight away, as once installed it displays a small icon on the PC’s task bar.  By clicking on the Call Controller icon the management box will pop up on your screen. You can see how it looks on the image below.

Call Controller

Use the Call Controller application to send and receives faxes from your PC.

The Call Controller interface is very easy to use, intuitive, and user friendly – and importantly this application gives you the widest amount of different business fax options available from RingCentral.

Sending fax thru email with RingCentral is very easy to do.  You have a couple of different options available.  You can either click on the Fax icon within the Call Controller or simply drag your document straight into the application to start sending fax over the internet.

If this is the first time that you have used RingCentral Fax then a another small window will pop up which will ask you to complete your personal details.  We had to type in our name, company, email address, postal address, and phone number.  The final step of the Internet fax set-up process is to enter in your Fax Station Identifier.  This is simply the number that you want to appear on the header of your fax so the recipient knows who and where the fax has come from.  Once you have completed this initial set-up you need to click to save your changes.  The great thing is that you only have to do this once.

A new box will now appear that lets you type in the recipients fax number and their contact details.  RingCentral Fax is also integrated with your Outlook contacts so you also quickly search and select a person from that list.  There’s also a section where you can add a quick note to the fax cover page.  Once you have done all this then you can add the document – or simply drag and drop as we mentioned earlier.

Sending a Fax

Sending fax online is easy using the Call Controller Software.

When everything is ready to go and you want to fax to email then you just click the send button. Alternatively you could set up a future schedule – so if you don’t want to send right away you can put in a send date instead.  We liked this option as it suits a business that wants to schedule perhaps a fax to go to a customer and supplier during out of office hours.

RingCentral Video – Sending Fax using the Call Controller

Check out the video below which takes you through the whole process of sending an email fax using RingCentral Call Controller application.

Receiving and Managing Fax Thru Email

Sending a fax by email will probably be the most common approach that you take, and during our review we certainly found it to be the easiest and quickest way of using RingCentral Fax.  At Coupon Chili we use Microsoft Outlook for our tests, but other online reviewers have used other popular email applications too – all of which have similar results.

It is as simple as the image below shows.  All you need to do is open up your existing email client software, type in the recipient’s fax machine number followed by @rcfax.com, enter a subject line which will appear on the fax coversheet, attach a document – and then finally click send.  This will give you immediate fax over the Internet.

Sending Fax Using Email

You can send a fax using Microsoft Outlook or alternative email applications.

During our tests we tried placing text into the body content of the email to see what would happen.  The software actually ignores this part though, and your fax recipient won’t receive any of that information – they will only receive the subject line as your covering letter details, plus the content of any attachment.  This is a slight shame as it would’ve been cool to be able to simply write an email message and then fax just like that – unfortunately RingCentral Fax by email does not work like this though – it just uses attachments as fax content.

Setting Up Multiple Users

Perhaps you want other colleagues in your office or business to be able to send fax to email too using the program.  That was initially not easy to find out how, but a quick search of the RingCentral’s website support section showed us that it is in fact very easy.  All you need to do is login to your RingCentral Fax application online account where you can set up new users based on their email address.  Once you do it and click the apply button then they will be ready to go with no additional need to download any new software to their own PC.

RingCentral Video – Sending a Fax by Email

For an overview of how easy it is to send fax by email with RingCentral then make sure you check this video out.

RingCentral FaxOut – Send Faxes Over the Internet from Anywhere

If you are away from your office and want to send faxes remotely via email and Internet, no matter where you are, then the FaxOut solution will be a key component for you.  As long as you have a browser with an Internet connection then it is easy.  You have to login to your RingCentral Fax account and access the FaxOut option.  This will open a new window with a very intuitive user interface.

Using FaxOut

Send a fax no matter where you are with an Internet connection over the web.

Check the screenshots, but as you can see it’s as simple as selecting a contact from your existing list, or entering in a new number, creating a cover letter, and then uploading any attachments that you wish to send as a fax over the Internet.

During our review and tests we found this to be a very fast and easy way to send faxes – admittedly it takes a little bit longer than using Outlook or the Fax Controller – but then will probably only ever use it when away from the office so that can be overlooked.  Just like the Controller application you can also schedule a fax to be sent at a later time – which is a good aspect which you cannot do when sending direct from your email client.

The RingCentral Web Interface Application

The system is easy to use once you have logged in.

RingCentral Fax from Microsoft Word and Applications

The final way in which you can send fax over the web using RingCentral is the very cool ability to send straight from a Microsoft Office document – this gives you an instant way of faxing off a document online.  After you have installed RingCentral Fax application to your PC, you will notice a small icon appear on your document toolbar – you can either click that to get started, or alternatively print the document to the RingCentral Internet Fax option that appears in the printing options.

Compatible with Microsoft Applications

Sending faxes from Microsoft Word can be done just by clicking a button.

You can send fax from not only Microsoft Word, but also Excel and Powerpoint – in fact any application in the Microsoft Office suite of products will let you do this.  During our review we did not experience any “hanging” or “crashing” of the application which we have experienced occasionally with rival email fax services – the solution appears to be very robust and reliable.  The video below shows you just how easy it is.

RingCentral Video – Sending a Fax from Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint

How to Monitor Faxes That Have Been Sent

After we had sent a few faxes we wanted to check on their progress including deliverability.  We were able to do this by logging into our online account and selecting the Sent Items option.  Within here you can sort, view, and search through all of the faxes that you have sent – no matter how you sent them using any of the 4 different RingCentral Fax sending option detailed in our review.

Get Fax Notifications

Get fax notifications straight into your email inbox as they happen.

In addition to that, we also got an email sent to us once we had sent out a fax.  Inside the email was details on who, when, and how the item was sent and whether it was successful or not.  Durign our testing and review we sent over 50 test faxes and had a 100% successful delivery rate – not bad.  Of course, just to test this further we also sent a fax to a standard telephone number – knowing that the fax would fail.  We had an email back within seconds telling us that the fax was an unsuccessful send.

Receiving Faxes using RingCentral

OK so that’s the initial part of our RingCentral Fax review completed which showed you how easy it is to send fax over email using this Internet fax service – but what about receiving and managing your faxes online?  One of RingCentral’s biggest assets is how easily configurable it all is, and the fax receipt aspect is just another example of this.  Just like sending a fax, there are multiple ways in which you can receive them – depending on your own preferences or where you are located at any given time.  The options available are as follows:

  1. As a PDF to your email inbox
  2. From your online account
  3. Using RingCentral Call Controller

With the email option, we sent a few tests to ourselves and received fax email notifications within 30 seconds – which means that RingCentral Fax would appear to have very quick delivery times.  We received an email into Outlook which looked like the screenshot that you see below.

Easy Ways to Receive Internet Faxes

You will get faxes straight into your email or the web application.

As you can see the image above also shows how you can use the Call Controller application or your RingCentral online account to receive and view faxes.  The actual fax content will be stored in a PDF format which you can then download, open, and view.

RingCentral Mobile App for iPad – View and Forward Fax Messages

Modern business means that you might be out on the road regularly, and want to be up to date with any incoming faxes.  There is a RingCentral app for iPhone, Smartphone, and iPad available which lets you view and forward fax message whilst on the move.  The video below gives a great overview of this functionality.

Up Time and System Reliability

RingCentral claim to have a 99.999% server up time.  During our review we never experienced any drops to the service and found it to be extremely reliable.  Every single fax that we sent through was delivered, so we have to assume that their service level agreement is entirely accurate.  According to data sheets on the RingCentral website, if one of their servers goes down then the fax services are switched to another one which means you should always have a seamless and reliable Internet fax service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it possible to block junk faxes using RingCentral Fax?
    Yes.  It’s very easy too.  Using the online management login you can set up blocks on certain numbers that have been spamming you with fax email junk.
  2. Is RingCentral Fax value for money compared to other providers?
    In our opinion it is.  There are no set-up fees, the price of any faxes that you send over your threshold limit are set at some of the cheapest prices on the market, and you do get charged for digital storage space.  In addition to that you can sign-up to a RingCentral Fax free trial and get a lot of free faxes per month depending on which option you choose to start with.
  3. Can the RingCentral Fax toll free or local number also be used for incoming phone calls?
    Yes it can, however, you would need to upgrade your package to the RingCentral Professional option which offers a great solution for businesses who want a hosted phone system.

RingCentral Fax Pros and Cons

We hope that you have found our RingCentral Fax review helpful.  It took us a couple of weeks to put this together due to all of the testing that we did – but we honestly do believe it to be one of, if not the best online and internet email fax solution currently available on the market.  Below is a list of the pros and cons which might help you to make your mind up whether you are going to purchase at the cheap prices and links we have on this review.


  • Reduce costs in office and small nusiness
  • No fax machine required
  • Easy to use Internet faxing software
  • Send fax from iPhone or smartphone
  • Can transfer your existing fax number
  • Fax alerts sent to your phone and email


  • Can be too many features for the casual user
  • Off shore call center support
  • Historical fax storage limited to 200 faxes (so make sure you save them independently)

RingCentral Referral Codes

Please note that we have a wide range of referral codes for RingCentral. Please visit our dedicated page with all the different options on so you can make the best choice on what savings you want to make when signing-up.