Vinci Touchscreen Mobile Learning Tablet Review


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Vinci Learning Tablet Review

I’ve been reviewing many different learning tablets for kids recently and have now been asked by one of the main online retailers to conduct a review on the Vinci 7 Inch Mobile Learning Tablet.  It was sent to me last week and I’ve let one of my youngest daughters road test the product and have observed how she’s been using it to learn.  I hope you find my Vinci Mobile Learning Tablet review helpful if you are a parent who wants to better their child’s learning.  The Vinci learning tablet is aimed at pre-school ages for children and babies who are aged from baby to four years old.

Vinci Learning Tablet

Vinci Learning Tablet – Early Learning System for Babies and Small Children.

Vinci Baby Learning Tablet Review

My youngest daughter is aged two, and like any parent I want her to get the best start in life.  Whilst I don’t want to put too much pressure on her early on, I do think that’s it is never too early to start my kids on education – and I try to ensure that most of the toys and games she plays have some degree of educational element.  At first glance when removing the Vinci Baby Learning System from the packaging it looks like it will deliver on this aspect.

Learning for Babies with the Vinci Mobile Tablet

Don’t be put off by the slightly ugly and industrial look of this baby learning console.  Yes it’s not the prettiest of products, but once you delve into the functionality you can definitely look past that aspect.

When you turn the Vinci toddler’s learning tablet on you will get access to a wealth of learning material.  If your toddler has seen you interact with an Apple iPad or similar touch screen device as my daughter has then she might already have a head-start on using the bright colorful touchscreen.

Learn With Parents

Learn With Parents and the Vinci Tablet

All of the buttons have sounds associated with them so it’s really fun seeing your toddler’s face as they explore the interface.  It’s worth noting that 50% of the time the parent will probably need to sit with the baby as they play, as you can then offer them guidance and advice on how to progress through the in-built challenges, stories, and activities.

The Vinci comes with four key points of functionality which I tested out with my little girl.  Read below to see how we got on.

The In-Built Camera with the Vinci Mobile Tablet

The first aspect we tried out was the in-built digital camera.  Don’t expect your baby to be able to really operate this aspect, because in truth the main point behind it is you as a parent being able to capture those special moments that you share with your baby – including the look of wonder on their face as they interact with the learning system.

How it Works

How it Works – All the Different Functions and Buttons

It’s a 3 megapixel camera and what I did was let my daughter play with the games on the Vinci tablet and record the expressions on her face.  For me this was a great aspect and I’ve now got some great video footage and photos which I have been able to share online with her grandparents.  The system can be connected to your PC via USB for easy data transfer.

Games Included with the Vinci Toddler Learning System

The games are the part where your child is going to get the most from the Vinci Mobile Tablet.  They look good and are all 3D animated (without the need for 3D glasses I might add) and encourage your baby to start thinking laterally.

Some of the activities include matching up shapes and colors and trying to identify the different animals and characters that are on the display.  In essence the Vinci tablet is very similar to all those baby games where they have to put different shaped blocks into the right holes – but all contained digitally within one unit – you could even say that the Vinci baby tablet could replace 10 toys into one system – which is where you should be able to justify the price tag.

Sturdy and Robust

Sturdy, Robust and Safe – It Won’t Break or Get Damaged.

Exposing Your Baby to Music at a Young Age

This was probably my favorite aspect to the Vinci tablet.  It come with some really cool music programs.  So for example, you can access a large piano style keyboard, which is kind of like the Simon Game in the 1980s as your baby will have to replicate what they hear using the keys.  Failing that they can simply have a bash (like my daughter did) on the piano keys and see what sounds come out!

In addition to the piano program there’s also an application on there which shows a whole range of instruments all of which can be interacted with to produce a wide range of musical notes and sounds.  There are a number of pre-set tunes in there as well which have been divided up into two different categories – lullabies and sing and dance tracks.

Classic Children’s Stories with Storybooks on the Vinci Tablet

My daughter really enjoyed the stories that come included with the Vinci.  Using a very engaging learning approach the Vinci lets the small child touch the subjects on the display and then experience immediate visual and audio feedback.  The voice-overs have a child-friendly soothing voice and guide the baby through each story, and doing it with an educational twist as they go – which should increase their learning potential and experiences.

Official Manufacturer Video of the Vinci Baby Tablet

Is the Vinci Learning Tablet Safe for Small Children and Babies?

Some parents will be concerned about exposing their baby or young child to the potential health risks associated with technology and screen displays.  Thankfully the manufacturers behind the Vinci Mobile Learning Tablet (The Rullingnet Corporation) seem to understand this and have put in a few safety measures that certainly put my mind at ease and will probably assure other parents as well.

The Vinci learning system does not include any Wi Fi technology or wireless technology in order to reduce any risky emissions.  It’s also been designed to be FDA-approved using non-toxic and non-poisonous materials – which is a great idea as children aged from baby to four can tend to chew on their toys.

Vinci Applications

The Vinci Tablet Comes Packed With Applications

The Vinci baby learning system also conforms to the Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety and uses a thermoplastic elastomer ally handles – which in non-technical terms means that is has a silicone softness to reduce the risk of bruising and your baby getting hurt.  The screen display is made from tempered glass.  This is the same glass that is used on car windows and so is designed to resist heavy duty use.

Conclusion on the Vinci Early Learning System

Yes it’s ugly, but please look past that.  The early learning system from Vinci comes with many different applications that will keep a baby or small toddler amused for hours.  I would liken the Vinci to ten baby toys in one.  So from that perspective it’s a great value for money learning tablet and could set your child up for advanced learning development and put them at an advantage when they finally start pre-school.

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