WowWee Wrex the Dawg Robotic Dog Review


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Wrex the Dawg

Wrex the Dawg is a robotic dog toy for kids from WowWee robotics and can be purchased online at Amazon where they recommend it is aimed at children who are eight years and older.  It’s not a cheap robot dog, but is one of the best robotic dogs money can buy.  Read my full Wrex the Dawg robotic dog review below before you decide to purchase.

Wrex the Dog

Wrex the Dawg Robotic Toy Dog Review

I bought Wrex the Dog for my eight year old daughter who can be a bit of a tom-boy.  The reason this robot dog appealed to me was partly down to the manufacturer’s description.  WowWee Robotics have quite a large range of robot toy products and they describe Wrex as being a mischievous robotic pal and a real junkyard dog.  Apparently he’s been built from discarded mechanical and electrical parts – and is some kind of Frankenstein dog with a few loose nuts and bolts.

Wrex the Robot Dog is controlled by using a large and easy to use controller – as I said my daughter is eight and it took her a couple of hours to master all of Wrex’s behaviours and actions.  It helps that the remote control uses icons and pictures to make it easier to understand what the child is pressing.

Controlling this Robotic Dog Toy is Quite Easy

Controlling him with the remote control as I said is reasonably easy and shouldn’t take a child too long to master.  When left alone, Wrex will tend to wander about by himself, and occasionally will malfunction – but the malfunction is all part of the game because you need to fix his circuits back (remember he’s a junkyard dog made from spare parts) and get him better again.

He does lot of things just like a real dog too.  So for example he can roll on his back and have his belly tickled, he barks, he puts his paw out, cocks his ear – and all other dog-like functions which help to bring this robot dog toy to life.  He sounds a bit like Scooby Doo when he talks – which for my daughter is a good factor because she loves the cartoon and now thinks she has her very own Scooby Doo robot dog.

Robot Dog

In terms of the robotics involved, there’s certainly a lot of clever stuff going on, and the programming behind him seems very complex – which explains the relatively high price – he’s definitely up there with the best robot dog toys you can buy.

Wrex the Dawg will explore your house by his own accord making his own observations as he goes, you can program dance moves into him (up to 80 steps!), and he will avoid obstacles in his way and step to avoid them – which is very neat.

Different Mood Settings on the Wrex Robot Dog

Wrex has three different mood settings, which help to give him his character.  The different robot dog moods are happy, angry, and crazy – all of which get expressed in the way he moves and his eyes which tend to roll around in his head… but don’t worry, there’s nothing sinister looking about Wrex the Dawg – it’s simply just very funny – especially when combined with the ridiculous noises he makes.  He even pretends to go the toilet which has my kids in hysterics.

Wrex the Dawg seems to have feelings and your child should easily understand how Wrex is feeling at any given moment.  It’s possible to change his behaviours too by lifting up the panel on his back and switching him to crazy cat mode, or even make him disobey your commands – as I said he can be quite an irritating, yet fun little character!

Wrex the Robotic Guard Dog

One of the funniest features to Wrex the WowWee Robot Dog is the fact you can set him on guard mode.  He’s got some sensors and my daughter puts him outside her bedroom and when an adult or her little brother approaches, Wrex starts barking.  She loves this aspect and it’s definitely one of the funnier aspects to the Wrex robotic dog toy.

have fun with Wrex

Is Wrex the Best Robotic Dog?

OK so this is down to preference.  I’ve never used any of the other robot dogs that you can buy, for example the Sony Aibo Robot Cyber Dog, I-Cybie Robotic Dog, Mio Pup Robot Dog, and Tekno the Robotic Puppy toy dogs – however, as far as my experiences with my eight year old daughter goes she’s been playing with Wrex the Dawg for 12 months now and still doesn’t appear to be getting bored of him.

He will give your child hours of entertainment and does have some educational value to him because they will need to learn how to operate him and interact with him… and if you cannot have a real dog or cat in your house then Wrex could be the ideal replacement.

If you need more information then I’ve included the WowWee manufacturer’s video is below.  The Wrex video which show all the features, plus I’ve listed them in bullet points underneath this video.

Video Showing the Features of Wrex the Robotic Dawg

WowWee Wrex the Dawg Features

  • Wrex the Dawg robotic dog has 9 motors, Infra Red sensors and speakers
  • 16 different eye icon combination with 4 icons for each eye
  • The three moods and three desires are expressed in lucky crazy slot machine eye
  • In guard mode he becomes a mean junkyard dog and warns when strangers approach
  • Scampers around on his hind wheels/ slot machine eyes and ears that twitch
  • Remote controller requires 3 x AA size batteries (not included)

Mini Wrex the Dawg Toy

If you don’t have the budget available to purchase the full Wrex Robot Dawg then you could look at his little brother. He’s pretty simple and costs under $5 US Dollars – his basic robot dog functions involve fully poseable head and legs, crazy spinning jackpot eyes, and basic wheels so he can drive around – which will need two AA batteries.

He’s 5.5 inches tall but isn’t a brilliant robot toy dog in truth – but at the price you can’t really go wrong!